Payment Terms

Payment Terms

To purchase goods on you must 18 years old.

The order is handled in Australia and you can update or change your order at any time whilst the order is in progress. The order can not be cancelled when you have pushed “Pay”. The order is final when your order is sent and payment has been approved. You are entitled to return the goods within 14 days if you regret the order.

All orders will be handled and packed from our warehouse in Australia and will be sent to the address designated by you (the purchaser).

Mistake in purchase

If you made a mistake during the ordering, please contact us. Please check your order before sending it. Before you send your order you have the option to change the “ship to” or “invoice to”. You can also add or delete items from your cart.

Price and payment

All prices exclude shipping. When you purchase goods from Cuddles and friends a shipping cost will be added to your order. If you are in a remote area the shipping cost will be an estimate only.
To find shipping cost please read the link Shipping.

All prices on are ex GST. The price you accept when you place the order is the amount we will be redrawing on your debit card when your goods are being shipped out.

Prices on our website

The prices on are the valid prices at the time of the purchase. Prices can be changed without notice but changes won´t affect orders that have already been approved. We verify the prices as a part of our verification procedure.

Payment methods

We process any credit card payments via PayPal.

Authorizing your card

When you place an order your card will be authorized and you will receive an e-mail confirming that your order has been placed. We will not take the amount from your card until the order has been handled and the order has been shipped from our warehouse. If you card is declined and the amount not redraw will we let you know right away and we will ask you to chose another payment method.

Safety and integrity

Payment is handled by PayPal who is VISA- and Mastercard PCI-certified. PCI (Payment Card Industry)-certification is a comprehensive scheme and the purpose is to increase data security among the providers of payment solutions.

We protect your personal details

Both our affiliate who is hosting our webshopserver and e-Pay who is handling payments are using Security Socket Layer-tecnology (SSL) When it comes to online-purchases SSL-tecnology are one of the most secure system and allows encryption of sensitive information such as names and addresses og critical sensitive informations such as payment card information. To ensure that your personale information don´t go to the wrong hands all data transfers are encrypted. Details on your purchase, same as you can see in your e-mail receipt and on the order page, are only available for you through the URL in the e-mail you receive when your order are send.