Payment Terms

To purchase goods on you must 18 years old.

Mistake in purchase

If you make a mistake when placing the order please contact Cuddles & friends. Please check your order thoroughly before you place it.

All orders will be handled and packed from our warehouse in Sydney and will be send to the address designated by you (the purchaser)

Price and payment

All prices are exclusive of shipping unless otherwise stated. When you purchase goods from Cuddles and friends a shipping cost will be added to your order. Shipping costs are passed straight through -there will be no margin added to shipping. The price you accept when you place the order is the amount we will be redrawing on your debit card when your goods are being shipped out To find shippingcost please read the link Shipping.

Prices on our website

The prices on www.cuddlesandfriends are the valid prices at the time of the purchase. Prices can be changed without notice but changes won´t effect orders that have already has been approved. We verify the prices as part of our verification procedure.

Payment methods

We accept the following payment cards: VISA, Mastercard, PayPal and bank transfer.

We protect your personal details

We use PayPal as our payment gateway as your security is our number one priority. PayPal combine world class anti-fraud detection with 24/7 account monitoring. Your personal and financial details are securely encrypted to ensure your money and information stays safer when you pay with PayPal.